disc • zump [disk zump'], n.
A social disc golf inventory network enabling users to organize, maintain and share collections across any internet-enabled device.
Give your collection the attention it deserves.
Features for days
disc|zump is feature-rich, providing the user with an array of functionality from a customizable dashboard to seamless discovery of other collectors.
  • Views
    Choose your favorite view: a detailed list, a simplistic gallery or an informative graph.
  • Customization
    Design your dashboard to fit you, whether its default views or color schemes.
  • Visibility
    Decide which discs you want to show to the world while keeping others for your eyes only.
  • Sharing
    Share a disc with friends and even directly to your favorite Facebook groups.
  • Profiles
    Search for other disc golfers to connect and view their public disc inventories.
  • Messaging
    Compliment and ask questions to other disc golfers at the click of a button.
We're In Beta!
We have been working hard to build a highly-functional and feature-rich disc golf inventory network. At this time, disc|zump is only accessible through a web browser; however, we have a mobile app in the works to make accessing your inventory on-the-go that much easier. Now, we need people like yourself to dive in and become one of the first to use disc|zump. Create an account and begin to build your collection. We thrive on user feedback, so don't hesitate to leave us your comments and/or concerns.
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